The Issues

Economic Opportunity

For Small Businesses

 I will work to enact effective legislation and efficient programs that:

  • Help you identify development and investment opportunities so your business can grow & thrive

  • Moderate your tax burden

  • Help you find and hire well-trained, work-ready local talent


For Residents of the 182nd

 I will fight on your behalf to:

  • Grow our local economy, increasing job opportunities and your economic stability

  • Connect you with affordable and effective training to prepare you for better-paying jobs and careers

  • Improve the city services that help you and your family succeed, including effective schools, accountable social support programs, better city infrastructure and transportation


Individual & Community Health

To ensure the health of our citizens and neighborhoods, my policy support will be guided by the knowledge that:

  • Better economic opportunities can help lift people out of poverty and strengthen communities

  • Stable, affordable housing and food are the backbone of a productive workforce and a healthy society

  • Addiction and mental health treatment should be accessible to all who need it, but are most effective when paired with community support, gainful employment, and a living wage


Government Efficiency

To make the most effective use of our tax dollars, I will propose policies that ensure:

  • Feedback from citizens about city services will be effectively collected, analyzed, and rapidly incorporated into improvements to those services

  • City service providers are empowered to quickly and independently react to changing on-the-ground conditions

  • Council members and city employees, myself included, are held accountable for their decisions and actions