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I announce my candidacy as the first openly trans Latinx candidate for the Pennsylvania House of Representative in the 182nd District. Like many Philadelphians, I’ve utilized our city’s services. I’ve been a part of the system, both as a recipient and as someone who has worked on the inside. With over a decade in the nonprofit and public health field, I will build on progressive values, economic recovery, and the historic LGBTQ representation in Harrisburg. 

My life experiences have shaped my boots-on-the-ground approach in addressing prejudice, hunger, homelessness, and implicit bias. With relationships established during my advocacy work when COVID-19 hit, I grew a small act of kindness without exclusion into a food distribution center feeding over a thousand families weekly. As someone who has experienced homelessness and hunger as part of a marginalized community, I will not stand aside as people struggle.


My platform for State Representative includes quality of life issues, infrastructure, and economic recovery. Over the coming months, we will address healthcare reform, homelessness, the state of our roads in Philadelphia, cannabis legalization, action to protect clean drinking water while also lowering our dependence on plastics, and policies that address economic resurgence in the district. 


Our campaign consists of women of color, members of the LGBTQ community, and allies. “I want to build a movement with those who have a stake in our future and have the true grit to tackle complex issues.” In May of 2022, we have an opportunity to continue to grow representation in our legislative body in Harrisburg that closely reflects the needs, interests, and diversity of the 182nd District. Join us as we get the work done.

“As a bridge builder, I understand what it takes to get the work done.”

- Deja Alvarez

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